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Top 3 Website Hosting

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Rank Website Hosting Hosting Features Coupon Links

# 1

Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Transfer
Visit HostMonster $3.49/mo

# 2

Unlimited Space
Unlimited Transfer
Visit BlueHost $3.49/mo

# 3

Unlimited Disk Space
Unlimited Transfer
Visit FastDomain $3.95/mo

HostMonster Coupon $3.95 Per Month

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If you want to buy a web hosting plan right now, you don’t need to pay the full price. You can save up substantially by taking advantage of 2013 Hostmonster coupon $3.95 per month. So, instead of paying the full hosting price valued at $6.95, you will only pay a fraction of this amount and save up the rest. It will interest you to know that all the basic and most unlimited features that come with the full hosting plan are included in the discount offer. However, the offer does not cover the Pro Plan.

So, What’s so Special about HostMonster Coupon $3.95?

A lot of webmasters see Hostmonster $3.95 as a great deal for leveraging the top-notch web hosting services that this web host has to offer. The promo is a further discount to the already low-price of Hostmonster affordable web hosting plans and services. Perhaps, if you search for HostMonster online, you will be greeted with tons of positive feedbacks from users and top web hosting review sites as well. If you are in doubt about what Hostmonster has to offer, the demo section of the official website is a great place to start.

If you are wondering what is so special about Hostmonster coupon $3.95 per month, here are just a few out of the numerous benefits and features that come with HostMonster web hosting;

cPanel Advantage

Hostmonster’s cPanel is one of the reliable web hosting application management tools when it comes to performance and speed. Right now, Hostmonster’s Cpanel has even gone more sophisticated with the v.11 version. This top-notch feature is an essential tool for administering and controlling either single or multiple domains from one hosting account. The GUI (Graphic User Interface) is completely friendly, so that a newbie can navigate easily with no assistance.

Also, using the HostMonster control panel, you can access the demo version and experiment with Hostmonster web hosting features before making your final decision. Access to the demo account is entirely free. Hostmonster cPanel undergoes constant upgrading to help improve users’ experience continuously at no extra cost. So, whether you are a hyper-technical person or just a new-comer, you can easily interact with the friendly GUI of Hostmonster’s cPanel. You may try HostMonster cPanel by this link.

Unlimited Data Transfer Advantage

You will also enjoy unlimited data transfer with the HostMonster’s $3.95 per month promo, which in turn offers enhanced capacity advantage. The unlimited data transfer bandwidth and unlimited POP features are extremely valuable web hosting tools, especially when it comes to communication enhancement.

Multiple Domains Hosting Advantage

You can host as many websites as possible from just one Hostmonster account at no extra cost. You can enjoy this feature without paying the full hosting price. So, instead of incurring extra costs and going through untold hassles to host your multiple websites on different web hosting platforms, spend less and host/manage your multiple domains from a single account. Hostmonster guarantees quality management of several domains on a single account with their consistently upgraded cPanel feature.

A good number of web hosting companies do not offer multiple domains hosting, and those who offer this service may charge extra fee. This is where you have to make a comparison with Hostmonster and see the bundle of benefits the latter offers.

Free Site Builder Advantage

A free site builder tool with tons of website templates are available for just the half price of the original cost in addition to other desirable features. You may not know how beneficial this free feature would be until you consider the fact that a couple of websites can help fetch you substantial income each, especially at this time when online-based money making is quite lucrative. You can create free websites for affiliate marketing purposes and save the money you would have paid a website developer.

Hostmonster free site builder is user-friendly so that even a novice can cope by following simple instructions or the dialogue boxes’ messages. Besides, there are tons of website templates available to provide you with different interfaces to choose from. You can use this tool to build a couple of professional-looking websites in snap of a finger.

Free Domain Advantage

Apart from Bluehost (Hostmonster’s sister company) and couple of other top web hosting companies, the FREE domain feature is not easy to come by when using regular web hosting service providers. This free domain name extends to one full year at no extra cost. However, ensure that the domain name is what you intend to use primarily for your web hosting plan.

If you choose to opt for fresh domain creation, it would require a great amount of effort to make the domain popular. But, with the Hostmonster free domain, you would be leveraging an already-popular domain to popularize your own domain and achieve high online visibility.

There are tons of other desirable web hosting features available with the 2013 Hostmonster coupon promo $3.95.